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I am a Senior Web Developer, an Internet and Digital Strategist, a Professional Multi-Service Web Provider, a Web Consultant and a Digital Entrepreneur.

I am a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with Business alumnus of Freed-Hardeman University of Henderson, TN.

I have 20+ years experience in engineering, developing, maintaining and managing complex cross-global market web projects having gained so through employment in high-tech companies and start-ups, outsourcing, contracting and freelancing.

{My Services Are Broken Down Into 3 Main Categories}

html >_ {Web Development}

Definition >_ {Web development} is the coding or programming process responsible for the functionality of a website per the owner's requirements, needs and demands.

A website is the permanent address of a business on the world wide web. It is also your brand and presence in the digital world. A Website promotes you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No employee can ever do that.

In order to lay down a foundation and a milestone, the first and essential step for a business owner is to have a unique website. Only then the business can flourish and expand using other digital channels, social media and services. However, since the demands and requirements of the world wide web via social media and search engines are evolving endlessly, your website must comply and fulfill all of these requirements in order for it to be promoted, known and eventually build a customer base.

Web development ranges from creating, launching and maintaining plain text pages and expands to include complex web-based applications, web portals and electronic business applications.

Don't have a website yet? Your website is outdated with old and limited technologies and needs a major make over? Learn more about this option.

A few of the services that can be found under this category:

Web Programming Web Designing Web Hosting
Domain Registration Email Office365 SSL License MS SQL Databases

html >_ {Internet Marketing}

Definition >_ {Internet Marketing} is the strategic process responsible for promoting and enhancing a business or a brand with its products and services over various digital and web channels using tools, platforms and expertise that help cause awareness and drive traffic, leads and sales.

Internet, or digital, marketing is a complex and broad process. Since there are numerous digital channels, the approach, means and methods of marketing a business are vast, wide and different. Marketing includes advertising using content, email, search, paid media and other platforms.

Internet Marketing is a smart marketing technique. Unlike traditional marketing, it breaks multiple barriers and obstacles and allows the business owner to reach customers over a larger geographical area than its original business activity and make brand awareness while achieving multiple purposes and goals for their business.

According to the nature of the business, a custom online digital strategy is used to build the necessary and vital digital channels and activities that are needed for that specific business as not all digital channels fit every business.

A few of the services that can be found under this category:

Social Media Advertising: Facebook - Instagram - LinkedIn - Twitter - YouTube
Search Engine Advertising: Google - Bing - Web Portals Email Marketing
Content Marketing: Taboola - Outbrain

html >_ {Social Media}

Definition >_ {Social Media} refers to social websites or platforms that are created for people to interact with each other by sharing, in real-time, content, opinions, events, images and videos in an extremely fast way while transmitting this data to a wider geographical area comparing to their physical location.

Social media is a wide range of collective online communication channels that are based on community input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration. Social media comes in numerous styles and shapes such as forums, blogging, social network and wikis.

Each social media channel has its own unique approach, platform, services, advertising software and mechanism that define such social channel. Some of the dominant social media channels are: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Wikipedia, blogs and others.

A few of the services that can be found under this category:

Facebook Business Pages LinkedIn Company Pages Twitter for Business

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